Oh dear….I’m so ashamed about what happened today, but I’ll share it with y’all regardless.  I knew I had to leave the office during the morning to do some field calls.  I figured I would park out front at the meter and run out at 9:00 and put a in couple bucks.  Usually, I pay $4.50 at the municipal lot across the street.  Well, I got gabbing to a co-worker about shopping in Erie, Pen. since we’re going there this weekend.  This guy goes there quite often with his family, so I wanted to get a few tips.  Well, I lost track of the time and it was 9:25 when I got back to my desk.  I ran out to may car to put money in the meter, and there was a dreaded ticket laid ever so neatly upon my windshield.  ARGH!  I’ve never had a ticket before!  I was so nervous it was going to go on my record.  I ran next door to City Hall and paid it within about 10 minutes.  The clerk asked how I was and I said I just got my first ticket ever!  She said “Congratulations!”  I told her it was actually kinda exciting – I felt like such a rebel…without a cause!  Err, I did have a cause, and that was to save money.  So I could have paid $4.50 across the street (stress-free!) but instead I paid a $9.00 parking ticket and $2.00 in the meter.  Lesson learned! 

Traveling during my field calls got a little messy.  I hit some serious bugage while out on the country roads.  It was SPLATACULAR!  Poor little guys.

Following up my last Words of Lizdom, which dealt with knowing and accepting your limitations, I think I did that tonight!  My boyfriend and I were going to fly to Edenvale (close to Collingwood) for a fly-in and car show.  Then we’re going to Erie to shop on Sunday and Monday.  I knew this was really going to be pushing it for me physically.  I made the decision to fly somewhere closer tomorrow (probably Brantford for breakfast) then I can be all ready for our Erie shopfest.  I feel disappointed that I can’t go to Edenvale, and also disappointed in myself.  I feel like I’m giving in.  I guess I am, but it is best for my health.  Before I made this decision, I read over my Words of Lizdom and told myself “Take heed, little blonde grasshopper!”  And that I did!

Symptoms for today:  Not as weak as the last few days.  Actually, it was a fairly decent day.  The field calls pooped me out.  I probably shouldn’t have done my exercises when I got home – duh!

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