The Brick

What a wonderfully productive day, despite being grounded again.  My boyfriend and I toddled to Tim Hortons for some brekkie, then over to Michaels Craft Store.  I decided I needed some stamps (the kind with an ink pad) to spruce up my life.  I bought a package of mini stamps – twenty-six in total.  Everything from a kitty paw, snowman, kissing lips to a dancing frog and smiling bunny.  I will be able to stamp my outgoing correspondence, notes to coworkers and my coworkers themselves!  I’m sure they will really appreciate it.  After Michaels, we went next door to The Brick.  We decided to replace the dresser we got for free, left by the previous tenant.  We ended up purchasing an armoire.  Oh la la!  I can’t wait until it arrives so I can organize my extensive hoodie collection.  I’ll leave a corner of a shelf for my boyfriend, too.  Tres chic!
I have to take my precious little Abby (younger Sphynx) to the vet tomorrow.  It looks like her right eye is clouded over a bit.  I hope it’s nothing serious – she’s too cute to be sick!

Today’s symptoms: A little weary but not too bad fatigue-wise.  I’ve had a fairly bad headache all day.  Some sharp pains in my forearms as well.

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