Je Suis Pooped!

I’ve had a rough few days, mainly with pretty intense exhaustion.  I went home a couple hours early today and I just wasn’t able to concentrate.  It was still a rather productive day.  I hope to go out on the road tomorrow and do some field calls. 
It’s my mother’s birthday on Thursday.  It’s my compressed day off so I’m forcing her to spend the day with me.  We were going to fly to St. Jacobs (there’s an airport in Elmira) and take a cab into town.  Unfortunately, the weather isn’t working out too well for flying this week.  We’ll probably just head over the River and do some shopping.  Speaking of shopping, y’all must check out the iPod Touch.  Wow!  I can’t believe what this little device is capable of.  It certainly surpassed my expectations.  There are tons of applications such as games, books, utilities, etc.  I’ve downloaded tons of little pilot apps that have airport info, aviation weather updates and aircraft recognition guides – all for free.  I’m also trying to teach myself French, so I found a bunch of free tutor programs.  I can’t do it any justice on here.

Something creepy just happened.  I was thinking of what else to put into tonight’s blog.  While fishing for ideas, I thought of mentioning how the Goldfish crackers in the States are not as good as the ones from Canada.  Moments after this thought, my boyfriend said “Why don’t you mention how the Goldfish crackers in the States aren’t as good as the ones in Canada.”  Ok, now I’m wide awake and weirded out.  Help.

Today’s symptoms: Very weak right arm and overall fatigue.  I just feel totally drained – it will get better though!  It must!

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