Buttons and Things

What a wonderful day off.  My mother and I headed out to the airport around 8:30.  We were hoping to make it out to Stratford for around 10:00.  I couldn’t believe how slow we were climbing due to the high humidity.  It was a very smooth flight though.  We arrived at Stratford Airport at exactly 10:00.  I called Stratford Unicom just before landing and the dispatcher asked me if I would like her to call me a cab.  I parked the plane and the cab was waiting for us as soon as we walked into the terminal building.  The dispatcher greeted us and made us feel very welcomed.  http://www.geocities.com/pcfc69/page6.html  We had the cab drop us off at the Tim Horton’s downtown.  We were in desperate need of a java and goodie.  It was such a nice town, with great shops in a relatively small area.  We wandered around for a few hours before starting to get a little pooped.  Back at the Airport, my sleepiness took over, as shown here:

Ah yes, the two blondes take a little nappy together.  I hope I’m still welcome at Stratford Airport, despite my obvious silliness.  Jan and I would love to go back in the Fall.

I discovered a very interesting artist at one of the shops, and I’m interested in purchasing a print or two.  His name is Michael Sowa and you can check out some of his works here: Michael Sowa    We had a tail wind on the way home so the trip was about 20 minutes shorter.  Unfortunately, the white, fluffy clouds were rolling in which made the ride a tad bumpy.  Once we landed back in St. Catharines, Jan asked me if I turned off all the “buttons and things.”  I’m proud to see how much she has picked up on the technical garble of aviation!

Today’s symptoms:  My little nap on the floor of the terminal building at the Stratford Airport perked me up enough for our flight back.  Now I’m so tired I could…..sleep.

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