Hot Diggity-Dog!

I had a rather interesting day yesterday while out on field calls for work.  I’m always very observant of my surroundings during field calls, especially when looking for dogs.  The first house I went to was out in the boonies so I was extra vigilant during my search of the area for dogs.  There were none that I could see, until I reached out to ring the doorbell.  Just then, a great big dog stood up from behind the bench next to me.  This dog made me very nervous as it didn’t seem overly happy.  We spent over a minute turning around in circles while he sniffed me.  I made sure not to make eye contact and always held my brief case between us.  Finally a woman came to the door and a wave of relief came over me.  However, it was rather short-lived as she wasn’t too happy either!  The next house I went to had three big bow-wows inside.  The kid who answered the door held the black lab-looking dog back while the other two stayed in the background.  At this point, I was desperately hoping for another type of pet to greet me at the next house….something like a hamster or guppy fish.  I pulled up to the third house and parked across the street.  I heard a woman in the yard, as well as another big dog!  I figured since she was out there, the dog was either tied up or she was holding it back.  No such luck!  No sooner did I open my car door then I saw a big ol’ rottweiler running toward me.  I quickly closed my door and asked if he was a nice dog.  She said yes.  I asked if he was a nice dog toward civil servants and she said yes.  I told her I was putting my trust and life in her words and stepped out of my car.  The dog was actually a big sweety and practically licked me to death.  No one answered at the next two houses I went to but the final residence had a slew of big, drooly dogs.  The person I was visiting wasn’t too happy to see me so after I dropped off some correspondence, I didn’t linger!

I did field calls again today and only came across one dinky little dog.  He looked like something the cat coughed up.
I have the day off tomorrow and my mother and I are flying to Stratford.  I phoned the airport today and the female who answered said she would call us a cab once we had the airport in sight, so it would be there when we landed.  How nice and accommodating!

I would like to apologize to my faithful viewers for not providing another segment of Words of Lizdom, as I promised this past weekend.  I was actually a little bummed out and did not feel inspired enough to write something truly uplifting and positive.  Stay tuned, it will happen soon!

Today’s symptoms: I’m actually feeling pretty darn good today.  The fatigue started setting in around 3:30.  No major muscle aches, but I’ve had a headache for most of the day.

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