Flightacular Weekend!

I came to the conclusion on Friday night that driving somewhere for breakfast the next morning just wasn’t going to cut it.  I checked online for airports with restaurants and decided Brampton would be a nice little flight.  My boyfriend and I took off from St. Catharines around 9:30 Saturday morning and headed out to Brampton.  It was a rather rough flight due to the gusty winds and clouds.  However, we made it to Brampton with most of the plane in tact.  We met up with one of his employees from the area and had a really nice breakfast at the airport restaurant.  http://bramfly.ca/7_restaurant.html  I was surprised at how busy the airport was.  The flight back to St. Catharines wasn’t quite as bumpy, but wouldn’t be considered smooth either. 

I flew again today as it was a coworker’s son’s birthday.  Every time he sees a plane fly over his house, he asks if it’s me.  Well, today his mother could say “yes!”  I did a fly-over and got a few nice pictures.  It’s kinda hard to fly the plane and take decent zoomed-in pictures at the same time.  I’m looking forward to hearing about what her son thought about his own personal air show! On the way back to the airport, I took some pictures of my mother’s house.  I also snapped a few around Fonthill and Welland – check out my updated “Odessa” photo gallery!  I flew over the cemetery (as per my previous blog entry) and was able to locate my plot from 2000 feet above! 

So that was my joyous weekend.  I’m hoping for nice weather next weekend as there are several fly-ins around Southern Ontario.  I will also be flying over the CRA family BBQ/picnic on Saturday. 

Symptoms for Today:  Despite my long weekend, my main complaint was my headache.  I think it is my new friend as it really seems to like me.

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