Happy Belated Canada Day!

I’m so ashamed that I missed adding a blog entry on Canada Day.  My boyfriend and I decided at the last moment to head over the river for some shopping.  We hit the bridge around 9:00 am and scooted our way through the Nexus lane.  The first stop was TOPS for some groceries.  For the last few years, I have been bringing back jars of Mrs. Richardson Caramel Sauce to my peeps at work.  It has to be the best sauce around.  However, for about a year now I can’t seem to find the caramel anywhere – only the fudge variety.  I can’t tell you how many stores I have looked in, but to no avail!  I have recently come to the conclusion that the only way we will acquire our beloved sauce is to order a case online.  We’re desperate, so it’s worth a try! 

Anyway, we bought a few groceries then headed to the Galleria Mall.  I think we were both shocked over how little we purchased.  We picked out a few candles at Yankee Candle (they were less than half price), some items at the Bath and Body shop, and he bought a couple pair of shorts.  That’s it!  It was a nice day though.  After arriving back in Canada, we went to a friend’s back-yard-Canada-Day-Extravaganza!  We weren’t able to stay too long as Chuck pooped out.  I don’t think he was able to handle trying on multiple pairs of shorts.  Usually when he shops, he plucks the item off the shelf and makes the purchase without trying it on.  I’m glad I made him try on the shorts because the first pair made him look like a frumpzilla!  Since I made him donate all of his old, 18th century shorts, it was only fitting that I made sure his new shorts were….well…fitting!  It was so nice to see him dress like he was living in the year 2009.

I was too pooped after my shopping excursion to even write a blog entry yesterday.  How sad is that?  With the holiday mid-week, today actually felt like Monday.  It’s kinda nice that tomorrow is Friday.  I’m hoping for some decent weather this weekend as I have a few flights planned.  The one on Sunday will consist of a fly-over for a co-worker’s son’s birthday.  Every time he sees a plane fly over his house, he asks his mother if it is her friend Elizabeth.  He is going to be thrilled when he sees me fly over just for him and his friends. 

Today’s symptoms:  I’m feeling pretty good today after my long day shopping.  My headache is still aching and my jaw is throbbin’ but that’s about it!  My fatigue is average today.

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