This weekend was just peachy.  On Saturday, I took up a coworker’s daughter for a flight around Niagara.  What a great birthday gift from her mother!  It was nice weather and a smooth ride.  We did a few circuits over Niagara Falls, then along the Lake Erie shoreline, up through Port Colborne and Welland, did a low and over back at the airport (for a photo op by my passenger’s mother) then came in for a landing.  My passenger really enjoyed herself and took some great photos.  I was quite happy to get out flying yesterday, as the weather forecast for the next week looks el yucko. 

Today (Sunday) my boyfriend and I went to the St. Catharines Flying Club (where I keep my plane) for a pancake breakfast.  We met up with my flight instructor/friend, who had flown his Champ down.  I have never flown in this type of aircraft.  It is a two-seater – one behind the other.  He asked me if I wanted to go for a flight after breakfast.  I figured I would be a passenger in the back, but he told me to hop in the front.  After my less-than-graceful entrance into the plane, John crawled in the back (where there is a second set of controls).  I started her up and he allowed me to taxi to the end of the runway.  I was quite surprised when he let me do the take off.  My Cessna 150 and the other planes I have flown have control column (yoke) and the throttle is controlled with a “knobby” with my right hand.  The Champ has a stick controller (which comes up from the floor) and the throttle is a lever on the left wall of the cockpit – thus a totally different way of flying and controlling the plane.  I think my many years of video gaming paid off as I caught on to the stick control quite quickly.  I was thrilled when he let me fly the entire circuit, plus land.  My first landing was off to the right side of the runway and not quite as soft as I would have liked, however my next two were quite a bit better.  I think both my instructor and I were surprised that I was able to convert over to these new controls quite well!  It was an amazing experience, one which certainly needs repeating!  I do need to work on my dismount though, as crawling out of the plane was even a bigger disaster than getting in!
The rest of my day went well.  I visited my extremely tall mother, as I normally do on the weekend.  She was notified by the cemetery that our plot marker was installed.  We decided to visit it today.  I figured it would be really weird to see my name on a plot marker, but it was actually kinda neat!  Here’s why:

Yes, it’s a little unique.  It’s also very comforting to know that this has been taken care of.  Not that either of us is going to need it for at least 49 more years.

Today’s symptoms:  Bad headache later in the day.  Other than that and the usual fatigue, it was a pretty good day, symptom-wise!

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