Where Did The Weekend Go?

I can’t believe how fast the weekend went by….I don’t even remember most of it!  I haven’t been feeling too well lately and this weekend was no better. 

This morning I walked over to the Cat Quarters, which is a home next to the Court Animal Hospital.  Each room houses one to five cats, plus there is a room upstairs which has about twelve kittens.  You may have seen the Cat Mobile around Niagara.  The Cat Quarters is part of Community Animal Allies of Niagara.  Check out their site:  http://www.caancatmobile.org/index.php?action=about  I started volunteering at the Cat Quarters.  My duties include playing with the kitties, loving the kitties, poopage scoopage, feeding, loving, socializing, playing….etc.  It’s like my dream home – filled with cats!  Today was rather amusing.  The main volunteer was just on her way out to drop off her car.  She left me to play with the kitties while she was gone.  Well, within minutes after she left, I broke the plastic rod on one of the toys!  I felt so horrible.  I decided to run out and buy a few new toys to replace the one I broke.  I ended up going to Liquidation World, Value Village, three dollar stores, four pet stores and Wal-Mart!  I bought quite a few baby blankets for the cats plus an adorable fake tiger rug, all at Value Village.  Oh, the clinic was also looking for some sheets, so I picked up a couple.  At a couple of pet stores and Wal-Mart, I bought a pile of cat toys.  I went back to the Cat Quarters around 4:00 and showed the cats their new toys.  They were thrilled, or at least pretended to be as to not hurt my feelings.  I’m sure they all made fun of me to each other after I left.  They likely thought I was a dork for replacing one broken toy with a slew of new ones.  Oh well, it made me happy.  I stayed until about 6:15 then wandered back to the apartment, just a very short walk away.
Now I’m waiting for my sleeping pill to kick in so I can float away to sleepy-ville.

Today’s symptoms:  Very fatigued, bad headache (week two) and just feeling totally run-down and lousy.  I’m tempted to call my doctor as I’ve been experiencing these yucky symptoms for a couple weeks now and it’s not fun anymore!

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