Farewell June 3rd!

I’m SO glad today is over!  It’s rare that I say such a thing.  I usually say I had a really long day, and mean it as a good thing!  At 7:00am, my boyfriend and I drove over to the hospital for my cortisone injection into my jaw joint.  I was surprised that they let him right in the treatment room with me.  I was totally shocked when they let him stay for the procedure!  The nurses are so nice and comforting and really help to calm my nerves before the injection.  As it was last month, it was very painful.  The only thing that was different this time was that I didn’t hear the fluid entering the joint.  After the injection, I stayed in the bed for a few minutes.  I was so tempted to call the doctor back over to my bed to see if he would do it again!  I decided against it as I didn’t think I could handle that much joy and pleasure in one day.  The nurse asked how I was feeling and then told us we could go.  We headed down to the X-Ray department to have his hand X-Rayed.  I squeezed it so hard during the injection, we figured most of the bones were shattered.  Fortunately, everything turned out ok for him and he will get the cast off in a few weeks.
I headed to work straight from the hospital.  I was surprised to have made it to 2:45, before finally giving in to going home.  It was actually a fairly productive day.  I think I could have physically lasted until my regular 4:15 quittin’ time, but mentally I was finished around 2:30. 
Here’s a little handy-woman tip.  If you have those insanely old windows in your house, you know, the ones that have that weather-proofing furry/fuzzy strip along the top and bottom edges…..sometimes they become very hard to slide open and closed.  Simple, little trick – slab some petroleum jelly (Vasaline) along the tracks.  Open and close the window a few times, apply more jelliage, open and close and voila!  A smoothly sliding window!  Ok, it seems kinda obvious but that window has been driving me nuts since last September.  It took me this long to clue into the fix!

Today’s symptoms: I was a little spacy from all the 222′s I took…..

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