One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s House…

What a joyous weekend I had.  I flew for the first time in over three weeks!  I’m glad I remembered how.  I knew that to start the plane, I had push a few levers and buttons, adjust a few things here and there, turn a little key, tweak the throttle thingie and pull on the starter-do-hicky.  Sure enough, I did all those things and my little propeller started a’ spinning!  How exciting!  There was quite a bit of traffic that day because the weather was so nice.  Also, the air cadets were taking their gliders up.  I had to wait for two planes to land before I was cleared to barrel down the runway.  It felt so good to be airborne again.  The clouds were less than 2500 feet, so I wasn’t able to go as high as I normally do.  This also meant that I couldn’t fly the Niagara Falls scenic circuit, since planes need to be at 3500 feet.  Oh well, it was still an amazing flight, which included flying over my little mother’s house.  I called her and she came out to wave at me.  I tipped my wings and headed to the south east.  I did a low and over at the grass strip where I purchased the plane.  All the dogs there came running out toward the runway.  Good times!

Today at work, I gave GST system training to some of my coworkers.  Most people remained conscious through the whole session, which was quite flattering!  I have to give the same training to a different batch of co-folks on Friday.  I’m sure that the people who had it today will tell all the Friday people what a pleasure and joy the training was.  They’ll be so excited!  They’ll also be so disappointed!  Yea me!

Today’s symptoms: Didn’t feel too bad.  My jaw hurt quite a bit though.  I have to go for another cortisone shot on Wednesday morning – yuckaroo!

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