Humpage Day…

I’m slowly snapping out of my numbness, due to the loss of my little Beau this past Friday.  It’s still weird walking into the apartment after work, and she’s not there to greet me at the door.  Ever since I adopted her in Windsor, she has waited for me at the door.  My other kitties don’t seem to notice too much.  I’m surprised that they seem to be even closer to each other.

On a brighter note – the other day I discovered the ultimate cleaning tip.  There were a few blood spots on my bed quilt from my post-surgery kitten.  My mother and I feverishly searched online for the ultimate cleaning solution for blood stains.  We discovered (ok, I didn’t discover it, as suggested earlier in this paragraph) that one can use hydrogen peroxide to remove dried blood stains.  Well, that’s all fine and dandy for those who possess such a product!  I needed an equivalent.  It turns out saliva has the same effect, due to the enzymes it contains!  I had to think long and hard as to whether or not I wanted to hock a bit ol’ loogie on my quilt….hmmmm…  Ok, I ended up trying it (in a more discrete manner than loogage) and used my sock to scrub the stain.  Lo and behold, it worked!  The blood stain disappeared within seconds!  So there you go – why buy those expensive cleaning products when you can just use your own drool!

I had an executive RAA meeting tonight.  Four of us sassy director folks showed up and waited to get into the office where the meeting is held once a month.  No one else showed so we just stood outside in the parking lot and discussed some directorial issues and shared a few flying adventures!  Our local chapter is seeking new members, so if you’re interested in aviation, come on down to one of our meetings on the second Monday of each month.  Email me at for details, if you’re interested!  Also, check out our website

Symptoms for today: I felt totally drained by about 11:00.  I had a hard time staying awake during my 10:30 meeting at work!  I think the emotional drainage from the last week has affected me physically.  Tomorrow will be better!

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