Home Again…

T’was a good day.  At 9:00 this morning, we picked up little Abby from the vet.  She was fixed yesterday.  Fortunately, all of her blood work checked out and everything went well with the surgery.  Poor little thing is sore today though.  At least she doesn’t seem too upset with me.  I was also happy with how my other Sphynx – Mya, handled the trauma of bringing her rambunctious little psycho-sister back.

It was a very good day, spent perusing the PEN Centre.  For Mother’s Day, my little kitties bought me a really nice director’s chair for out on the balcony (thanks, Chuck!)  It’s quite tall so I can easily see over the balcony railing.  If my mother stood on it, she could see over the railing too!
For the last couple hours, I’ve been working on my presentation (I’m the Pres.) for the R.A.A. Niagara Chapter meeting on Monday  http://www.raa-niagara.ca/index.php .  I’m excited about the prospect of a mass fly-in to the grand opening of Aircraft Spruce in Brantford on June 6th  http://www.aircraftspruce.com .  Hopefully a bunch of R.A.A. members will be able to fly down there that day.  I’m also really looking forward to the Redbull Air Race in Windsor June 12th and 13th  http://www.redbullairrace.com .  We have already purchased our tickets and booked a room.  Check out a sample of a race here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8Fjsc90364  What a blast!

I would like to wish all the moms out there a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow!

Today’s symptoms: I did pretty well for most of the day.  I crashed energy-wise around 3:00, but overall it was a good day!  I guess it could be a lot worse – at least I didn’t get my uterus removed.  Sorry again, Abby!

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