Month: May 2009

Fluffy Friday

I can’t believe how quickly this week flew by.  I’m hoping for decent flying weather this weekend, as it’s been three weeks since my last flight.  How depressing!  I think a flight on both Saturday and Sunday would be reasonable in this case.  Another thing I need to do is clean the outside of my plane.  She’s long overdue for a good scrub down.  I’m going to be taking a few people from work up soon, and Odessa should be a little more presentable. 

Well this was bad timing.  I took a sleeping pill about 15 minutes ago, thinking I would have time to blog before it kicked in – not gonna happen!  I think it’s ’bout time to round up some hairless kitties and crawl into bed!  Yee-Haw!  I will certainly write more later this weekend – stay tuned!

Today’s symptoms: I’ve been getting restless leg syndrome symptoms in my arms and legs during the day for over a week now.  It’s so annoying!  Also crashed big time around 4:00 and developed a headache the size of….well…my head!  Tomorrow will be better!  For the love of Odessa, tomorrow WILL be better!


Well, it started out to be a perfect weekend!  The plan was to go to St. Jacobs with my mother and boyfriend on Saturday, then go flying on Sunday.  We did end up going to St. Jacobs and had a wonderful time.  We started at the Outlet Mall.  It was a little disappointing as so many stores have closed since autumn.  We headed over to the market and it was totally packed.  The good thing was there were quite a few more vendors than we have seen before.  Suddenly, without warning, a few pies attacked us while we walked by the Stone Crock Bakery vendor.  We tried desperately to fight them off, but were overwhelmed.  They followed us through the market and out to the parking lot where they hijacked our trunk.  We came to the conclusion that enough was enough!  We did not have the strength to battle any longer, thus, we slammed the trunk closed, trapping the little suckers inside.  Needless to say, at this point we were exhausted and famished.  We decided to head to the Stone Crock restaurant in the village of St. Jacobs and submit a formal complaint regarding their harassing and abusive products.  We were going to demand compensation for the torment we had just endured.  Once at the restaurant, we proceeded to the greeter/reception area, to inform the waitress of how we were just accosted by their hostile pies.  She greeted us in a friendly and inviting manner – perhaps a little too friendly.  We didn’t want to go into a full blown complaint and get her back up against the wall.  Subtlety was the key to achieve the greatest compensation.  Pretending to be interested with their establishment, we allowed her to seat us.   Their techniques for drawing one’s attention to the magnificent hot buffet and salad bar could be considered entrapment.  I was flabbergasted when both my mother and boyfriend agreed to the full lunch buffet.  I figured they had a plan so I went along with it and asked for the salad bar.  I’m not sure what they put in their food, but it took over our minds, emotions and taste buds.  With distended yet satisfied bellies, we made the decision to let the earlier pie assault slide.  We know now to avoid the Stone Crock market vendor in the future…..errrr….either that or bring a bigger cooler!

The rest of our trip was great and we had a nice drive home.  We dumped off my mother at her car and the two of us headed up to the apartment.  It wasn’t long after we arrived that our day took a horrid turn.  My boyfriend was walking into the living room from the bedroom, when I suddenly heard little Abby galloping in my direction, then a thud and very loud “snap!”  I instantly knew Abby had run full force into my boyfriend’s very unfriendly leg.  I felt sick and ran after her as she darted under the bed.  I pulled her out, fearing her leg snapped in two or something equally horrible.  Her front paw was bleeding but didn’t appear broken.  Still, we rushed her to the Emergency Animal Clinic, where we were just two weeks ago having little Beau put down after her battle with kidney failure.  The vet examined her and said it did not appear to be broken.  We didn’t want to take any chances, so he took her in for an x-ray.  The wait was brutal!  After about thirty minutes, the vet came out and assured us that there were no broken bones.  He said her knuckle area was a little injured and opened, so he glued the wound and gave her antibiotics.  We were shocked when the technician came out with little Abby wearing one of those satellite collars! She looked like a little lamp.  Check out my photo gallery under McKids to see the little munch-kin in her current state!  I’m hoping to get in to see my regular vet tomorrow to have her checked out and find out when it is safe to remove her gigantic collar of shame.  I also hope to sleep a bit tonight as the motherly instinct kicked in last night, resulting in me staying up all night, with Abby cradled by my side.

Symptoms for today:  I think I’m tired….I think I’m so tired that I feel totally awake.  Does that make any sense?  Probably not, but I’m too tired to think….I think….

Yea – Tomorrow is Friday!

The day started out fine, but I had a big crash-a-roo by lunch.  I’m hoping to get some energy back by Saturday, as my mother, boyfriend and I are going to St. Jacobs for the day.  Jan and I usually go on the bus tour through CAA, however, Chuck will be driving us this time.  We typically go to the market first and purchase a few muffins.  Then we walk across the street to the outlet mall and head upstairs to the cafeteria.  We chow down on our muffins and slurp some coffee.  That gives us enough energy to tackle the outlet mall then back to the market.  We head into the town and have lunch at the Stone Crock.  They have an amazing buffet and salad bar.  Their desserts are to die for!  We are all really looking forward to going this Saturday.

I mentioned “crash-a-roo” in my first sentence.  It reminds me of a computer game I used to play on my lunch when I was with the Army.  It was called Hangaroo.  Here it is:!


Symptoms for today: Crushing pains in my hands that started in the morning and decided to stay for most of the day.  Big ol’ crash by around noon and I’m still feeling it at 21:45.

Humpage Day…

I’m slowly snapping out of my numbness, due to the loss of my little Beau this past Friday.  It’s still weird walking into the apartment after work, and she’s not there to greet me at the door.  Ever since I adopted her in Windsor, she has waited for me at the door.  My other kitties don’t seem to notice too much.  I’m surprised that they seem to be even closer to each other.

On a brighter note – the other day I discovered the ultimate cleaning tip.  There were a few blood spots on my bed quilt from my post-surgery kitten.  My mother and I feverishly searched online for the ultimate cleaning solution for blood stains.  We discovered (ok, I didn’t discover it, as suggested earlier in this paragraph) that one can use hydrogen peroxide to remove dried blood stains.  Well, that’s all fine and dandy for those who possess such a product!  I needed an equivalent.  It turns out saliva has the same effect, due to the enzymes it contains!  I had to think long and hard as to whether or not I wanted to hock a bit ol’ loogie on my quilt….hmmmm…  Ok, I ended up trying it (in a more discrete manner than loogage) and used my sock to scrub the stain.  Lo and behold, it worked!  The blood stain disappeared within seconds!  So there you go – why buy those expensive cleaning products when you can just use your own drool!

I had an executive RAA meeting tonight.  Four of us sassy director folks showed up and waited to get into the office where the meeting is held once a month.  No one else showed so we just stood outside in the parking lot and discussed some directorial issues and shared a few flying adventures!  Our local chapter is seeking new members, so if you’re interested in aviation, come on down to one of our meetings on the second Monday of each month.  Email me at for details, if you’re interested!  Also, check out our website

Symptoms for today: I felt totally drained by about 11:00.  I had a hard time staying awake during my 10:30 meeting at work!  I think the emotional drainage from the last week has affected me physically.  Tomorrow will be better!

Blah, Blah, Blog…

It’s been a stressful few days.  I had my little Abby fixed and for almost a week, she became weaker on a daily basis.  I took her back to the vet on Wednesday because her stitches were very tight and ripping her skin.  She was also hardly eating and seemed rather lethargic.  It was getting very stressful to deal with her being sick and my other (furred) kitty, who was in kidney failure.  I was in an absolutely foul mood on Friday.  I think it was a combination of being overtired, having a bunch of MS symptoms and the stress of sick kitties.  I warned my boyfriend of my snippy mood – I’m a firm believer in open communication and being upfront!  I figure this way, if I blow up at him, it wouldn’t be my fault because he was warned!  Anyway, after work on Friday, we took Abby back to the vet to have her stitches out.  I was relieved that she was doing a little better this day than the previous few days.  When we got home, Beau (kidney failure kitty) started throwing up and kept trying to go to the bathroom on the carpet, but nothing came out.  She was sick about five times throughout the evening.  My vet told me that once she starts throwing up, it is time to have her put down.  Needless to say, I have dreaded this day for over a month now.  I knew she wouldn’t be any better the next day.  I had her sitting on my chest and looked into her eyes – Beau wasn’t there anymore.  I knew it was time.  I phoned the Emergency Veterinary Clinic and let them know I would be bringing her in.  It was absolutely heartbreaking to hand over my best little buddy of over eleven years (she was almost eighteen years old), but I knew it was best for her.  Whenever she rode in the car in the past, she would meow constantly.  Even for the many four hour drives to Windsor and back!  This trip, however, nary a peep.
I’m going to miss you, little Beau!

On a brighter note, little Abby is back to her old self.  Seems kinda funny that on Thursday, Abby was at her worst physically and Beau was doing ok.  The next day, Abby was doing much better and Beau started to shut down.  I wonder if there was a little bit of animal spiritual intervention going on….

Symptoms:  I’m numb – physically and emotionally.  Totally drained.  I’m sure it will get better over the next few days.

Home Again…

T’was a good day.  At 9:00 this morning, we picked up little Abby from the vet.  She was fixed yesterday.  Fortunately, all of her blood work checked out and everything went well with the surgery.  Poor little thing is sore today though.  At least she doesn’t seem too upset with me.  I was also happy with how my other Sphynx – Mya, handled the trauma of bringing her rambunctious little psycho-sister back.

It was a very good day, spent perusing the PEN Centre.  For Mother’s Day, my little kitties bought me a really nice director’s chair for out on the balcony (thanks, Chuck!)  It’s quite tall so I can easily see over the balcony railing.  If my mother stood on it, she could see over the railing too!
For the last couple hours, I’ve been working on my presentation (I’m the Pres.) for the R.A.A. Niagara Chapter meeting on Monday .  I’m excited about the prospect of a mass fly-in to the grand opening of Aircraft Spruce in Brantford on June 6th .  Hopefully a bunch of R.A.A. members will be able to fly down there that day.  I’m also really looking forward to the Redbull Air Race in Windsor June 12th and 13th .  We have already purchased our tickets and booked a room.  Check out a sample of a race here:  What a blast!

I would like to wish all the moms out there a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow!

Today’s symptoms: I did pretty well for most of the day.  I crashed energy-wise around 3:00, but overall it was a good day!  I guess it could be a lot worse – at least I didn’t get my uterus removed.  Sorry again, Abby!

Pain In The Jaw!

What a glorious day!  Ok, not really.  I had an appointment at the pain clinic at St. Catharines General Hospital first thing this morning.  I have TMJ issues, which includes a wonky disc that causes me quite a bit of jaw pain.  In January of this year, I underwent arthroscopic surgery on my joint.  It made it a bit better for a couple weeks, but then the pain returned.  The surgeon suggested I give the pain clinic a whirl before considering a second surgery, which would involve splicing open my face and creating a new disc out of a chunk of muscle (hopefully my own!)  Anyway, I arrived at the clinic for my 7:00 appointment.  The nurse there was so nice!  She called us in from the waiting room and we all hopped into (separate!) beds in the treatment room.  She asked me where my pain was and she cringed when I said my jaw.  I guess she knew the treatment wasn’t going to be too pleasant.  The doctor arrived around 7:10 and came to me first.  He did his little history review and then said he would inject my TMJ joint with cortisone and some nerve blocking agent.  He asked the nurse for a small sized needle, but the smallest they had was a big honkin’ thing!  It looked like an IV needle!  The look on the nurse’s face matched the reaction she had earlier to me telling her it was my jaw that was the issue.  The doctor had another nurse come over to assist – essentially she was there to help hold me down.  He asked her to pour some of the sterilizing liquid on his gauze so he could swab the area.  She put some on and he said “Don’t be so stingy!”  So she poured on a ton more.  He brought it over to my face and when he did, the mass quantity of excess fluid flew everywhere, including down my top!  The very cold liquid ran under my bra and I yelped from the chill!  He then slapped the gauze on my face and the fluid sloshed all over the place.  I told him he could begin the procedure, considering my entire body was now sterile.  He hoisted the massive needle over to my face and stuck it right into my joint.  The pain was unbelievable!  He had to move it around quite a bit and took it out and stuck it back in a few times.  By the time he was done, I was clenched into such a tight ball, my knees were touching my chin.  I said to the doctor “Good thing I’m flexible or you would be putting me in traction right now!”  He said to call him if I experienced any pain later.  About half an hour after I got back to work, the pain started.  I couldn’t believe how intense it became within an hour.  I called the clinic back and was told the doctor would call me back.  It’s almost 9:00pm right now, so I don’t think I’ll be speaking with him today.  Thank goodness for 222’s!
Today’s symptoms:  Great news!  My jaw hurt so much, I didn’t even notice any MS symptoms!  Yea!

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Aviation Expo 2009

What a joyous day!  The Aviation Expo in Hamilton was this weekend.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to fly in or drive, but the weather was decent enough for a flight.  My boyfriend and I headed to the St. Catharines airport around 8:15 this morning.  The flight was very smooth all the way to Hamilton.  There wasn’t too much other air traffic coming into the airport at that time, and we were cleared to land right away.  I contacted Ground after exiting the runway and I love what the controller said to me: “Taxi Charlie to Hotel, pass the Purolator aircraft and head over to the Marshallers behind the F18 jets.”  My little Cessna 150 looked like a little pathetic hairball next to the F18’s and the other aircraft on display.  It still felt pretty good to fly in to such a huge event.  Besides, you should have seen all the folks who drove that had to stand in the huge line up to buy their tickets. 

We met up with a bunch of guys from the RAA (Recreational Aircraft Association ).  A group of us wandered around to all of the exhibits and vendors and checked out the amazing aircraft they had on display.  My goal is to purchase a newer aircraft in about five years.  Some of the new planes there were close to $500,000.  I think that’s a little out of my price range….maybe for my third plane purchase.  Anyway, something to think about!  I got some great pictures and will post them on my site soon.

Departing the airport was a little more intense than arriving.  There was quite a bit of traffic, including small planes leaving, some coming in and a 737 jet.  After my run-up, we received our taxiing instructions.  I decided to hold short of the West Jet 737 that was about to cross my path.  We taxied behind his big, wake-turbulance-ridden tail.  I really had to hold on to the controls to keep my dainty little plane steady.  My Cessna was nothing more than a little West Jet turd, while patiently waiting to head onto the other taxi-way.  We had to wait for about five other small aircraft to take off, plus a couple more arrivals and the departure of the 737.  Once cleared onto the runway then for take-off, we headed back to St. Catharines.  The ride back was really rough – 10 knots of wind, gusting 20 knots.  Visibility was ok, but nothing great. 

All in all it was an amazing day!  I’m looking forward to many more fly-ins and air shows later this Spring and during the Summer.

Today’s symptoms: I was feeling pretty darn good all morning and my energy didn’t really start to decline until early in the afternoon.  That’s when I decided that we should head back to St. Catharines.  I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in bed.  Well worth it though!

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