Clean Kitty

I’m afraid I missed my blog yesterday, as hours were spent assembling a small dresser for my ten thousand hoodies.  Some women have shoes, some have purses – I have a slew of hoodies.  I have, however, started to become a little more girly over the years and am beginning to enjoy having a few purses to choose from.  Geesh, what’s next – lipstick?
Little Abby got a bath tonight.  The Sphynx breed needs to be bathed somewhat regularly, as their skin can become quite oily.  Now she smells like a baby’s bum.  Not that I would know what a baby’s bum smells like.  Maybe I have the saying wrong….I’m not good with babies.  Why would a baby’s bum smell good?  Abby smells like baby shampoo now, but I guess you don’t use baby shampoo on baby bums…or do you?  Can you wash the whole baby with baby shampoo?  Is it like a body wash?  I’m so confused.

I have tomorrow off, so my mother and I will be heading over to Niagara Square to wander around.  I would say we’re going shopping, but we typically don’t spend too much, thus we just go wandering.  I think I’ll work on the training I have to give at work next month, after we get home.  I know, I’m a dork – doing work at home.  Oh well.  It beats getting even more behind with my regular workload.  Speaking of work, a landlord called me today and said he just opened the letter I dropped off at the house yesterday for his tenant.  It had his tenant’s name on it, not the landlord’s.  I couldn’t believe he admitted to opening it!  Hello!  What the heck could I say though?  I didn’t want to start nagging on the guy in case he was going to provide me some tips about the tenant.

So that was my joyous day.  I actually felt fairly decent today!

Today’s symptoms: Not too shabby!  Just a headache, mild fatigue and a bloody arm.  Oh wait, that was from giving my cat a bath.

Posted by Lizzy McFly at 4/28/2009 8:46 PM

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